We are really drawn but more than that, we love to play instruments. So, everyone on is not just a musician, but also an artist. In one of our previous drawing classes, we demonstrated ways to draw the guitar and we’re continuing the subject of stringed instruments. We have developed a tutorial on drawing the violin.

Step 1
The first sketch on an oval or a circle like the artists from has done in the sketch below. Draw the simplest lines, don’t push the pencil too hard.

Step 2
Utilizing a pair of curved lines, you can connect the circle with the oval. The lines must appear very smooth and look like the waist. With straight lines, sketch out the guitar’s fingerboard. This is the point where your drawing of the violin could appear like the shape of a guitar.

Step 3
Draw the check rest and tailpiece, the scroll, and tuning pegs onto the instrument’s fingerboard. Try to duplicate all the steps in the image below, drawn by artists from

Step 4
Draw the straight strings like in our example, and then adjust them to your liking. If you are able, draw the strings using the ruler. The most important thing to remember is the fact that your strings need to be roughly identical distances from each other.

Step 5
Remove all the unnecessary guidelines we sketched in the earlier steps. Now draw two f-holes onto the body of your instrument. To give your drawing of the violin some more authenticity you could add some shadows.

After our tutorial on drawing the violin and other instruments, we’d like to offer some tips in accordance with the old ways. If you are unsure if your drawing is symmetrical and smooth, take it to the mirror, and you’ll find all the errors regarding the ratios. If you are drawing string designs, make aware of the height at which various strings are secured so that the drawing of the violin doesn’t appear flat. In addition, do you want to stay informed of the latest news on

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