How to Draw a Vintage Car -

How to Draw a Vintage Car

How to Draw a Vintage Car

How to Draw a Vintage Car

Step one:

Begin by drawing the frame , or body guide for your car as follows.

Step two:

With the help of the guide, begin drawing the bubbly outline of the classic car body. Begin with the roof that is rounded and then the straight-nosed hood, fenders , and wheel wells.

Step three:

Draw in the arched forms to create the headlights. Then add the trendy bumper and grille.

Step four:

Now, we will sketch lines around the face of the windshield. then draw the door for the passenger. appear lines and the window.

Step five:

Create the headlights’ definition by drawing the forms and well sockets the lens rests on. Give more detail for the rear grille by drawing tiny squares. Also, add definition on the front bumper.

Step six:

Then, you add the hubcap, tire and the rim.

Step seven:

Finally, draw the fog smoke near the bottom of the car, too. The lines are wavy and broken. Remove your mistakes and guidelines.

Step eight:

Your freshly drawn design can be colored now. You can pick old-fashioned colors, or even customize the car with decals or whatever you’d like.

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