How To Draw A Vintage Car with Pencil

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Begin by drawing a frame , or body guides.

Step 2
With the help of the manual, start sketching the bubble form of traditional car. Begin with the hood that is round and then move to straight hood, fenders , and wheel hubs.

Step 3
Draw domed shapes to create headlights. Then draw elegant grills and bumpers.

Step 4
We will now sketch lines around the face of the windshield and then draw lines that will appear to the passenger’s door as well as the window.

Step 5
Create the headlights’ definition by drawing the shape and the slots where the lens will hit. Include details to your front grid with tiny squares. Also, add definition to buffer.

Step 6
Next, you need to draw your tire and ring caps and the rim.

Step 7
Also smoke the fog at the base of your vehicle. The lines appear in the form that of ripples. Make sure you erase your mistakes and follow the guidelines.

Step 8
The drawing you just made is now ready to be colored. You can pick the classic colors, or you can customize your car with stickers or whatever you want.

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