It is likely that everyone can draw a camera as we are aware of what this difficult object appears. The challenge is drawing the camera properly as even with something that seems to be easy is easy to draw there are subtleties. There are many tiny things that should be placed at the correct locations. The lesson on drawing with the video camera will cover these details, as well as many other tips.

Step 1

The two main components of the camera include the lens and the body. In the initial step of the course on drawing the camera in the video, it is necessary to sketch the lens and body in the same way as the designers of sketched. Only light and rough lines should be used at the initial stage.



Step 2

Make sure to avoid using too dark lines in the near future, we’ll need to create a huge number of new additions and lines.


Step 3

Let’s add the simplest elements that give our sketch the appearance of the drawing of a video camera. We will create a large drawing by highlighting all the essential edges and lines. We must make use of the smallest lines.


Step 4

Let’s get to the finer details of our drawing from a video camera. Start at the bottom of the page, that is the body and lens. Begin by drawing your lens’ square shape. Next, trace all the lines that are necessary on the camera’s body without forgetting to take off any unnecessary rules.


Step 5

Similar actions have to perform at the very top of the camera draws. Begin by drawing the microphones in the front, on the handle, and in the viewfinder. Then, clean the drawing using an eraser, taking out any guidelines that are not needed from the sketch of the camera.


It is worth noting that cameras came into existence quite a time ago, and during all that they were in existence people were able to see a wide variety of various types of this gadget. To improve your understanding of what it takes to draw cameras, you can try drawing other models of cameras using images taken from the Internet. Are you following us on social media? If not, you need to join us in order to stay up-to-date with everything taking place on


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