How to Draw a Vial Bottle

How to Draw a Vial Bottle

Step one:

Draw the shapes and guides for the vial and the lines for the wings.

Step two:

Draw the shape of your vial using the guide that you have just drawn. Add shading and details.

Step three:

Once you have done that, you can start drawing the plasma in the bottle. It is now splashing out of the bottle. You can also add details to the plasma.

Step four:

You can now draw the eyeballs. One is smaller than the next. Before you leave this step, add details to the eyes.

Step five:

You can also add organ tissue to your eyeballs.

Step six:

Draw the gnarly wings. You can add detail and definition to the wings. You can forget about all the mistakes, and then you’re done.

Step seven:

It’s here. This is the lineart step that allows you to color this drawing of a vial-bottle.

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