How To Draw A Venus Fly Trap Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to draw Dogman Step by Step

Step 1

To begin this Venus flytrap video We’re not going to draw the tree in itself but the pot it’s placed in.

The pot will feature an extremely short, round base as shown in the image of reference we’ve supplied.

Then , we’ll draw a border around the pot. The border could be done using the use of circles with straight edges along the sides.

The vertices of the outer edges will begin to curve slightly inward however, you must keep them short since we’ll be adding the Venus flytrap to this blank shortly.

After you’ve completed this step, you can continue to the next portion of this tutorial.

Step 2 – Draw the first real-life plant life of Venus flytrap
Once you have a drawing pot to your Venus flytrap and you are ready to draw the Venus flytrap.

Each stem is quite tall and robust and will be traced with curving and curly lines.

Then we draw the head of the Venus flytrap. The bottom of each end is drawn with a rounded curve line, and the top is drawn using many sharp lines and spikes.

Draw two trees with one tree on each side. then we can proceed to the next step of the instructional.

Step 3 – Then to draw some additional plants into the pot.
For the third and final step of our Venus Flytrap guide, we’ve added two additional plants to the collection.

Each one of them will run through the two previous ones that you sketched.

They’ll also feature a very similar structure as those with the only difference being that they’ll have longer stalks that will get larger. The stem to the right will be a bit thicker.

4. Draw additional trees
Following the Venus flytrap illustration and adding two more stalks. They will however be in a different direction.

The four previous ones are somewhat saggy however the two following ones should be more upright. In other words they’ll be pretty much similar to.

But, the one on the right is be open, and the image will help you figure out how to arrange it so that it is different from closed ones.

After these two figures are sketched, you’ll be able to begin a new section with last details in the next section.

Step 5: Add the final flowers to your Venus flytrap design
The fifth step in the Venus flytrap guide will assist to add the final plants to the picture. In this step, we’ll include two additional trees in this stage.

The right side will also be closed and vertical However, the left-hand side will differ slightly.

This will widen and the interior of the mouth will face us. We’ll provide more details about this opening when we begin adding the color later.

You can also add details that you have created to complete the picture! One option would be drawing some unlucky bugs that have been spotted circling the macaws in Venus flytrap. Venus flytrap.

This is just an idea. But what else do you think of adding to this sketch?

Step 6: Complete your Venus flytrap design using color
You’re nearly done with your Venus flytrap sketch Now you’re ready to complete it with some amazing colors! In our image of reference we explained how we could color this drawing.

We decided to use some brown in this pot. By adding some darker shades for the sides, you can add some shading.

We then used a variety of greens for the stem as well as the upper part of the plant and then we added some dark pink dots to decorate the mouth’s interior.

The colors that we’ve picked However, don’t feel constrained by these colors.

This is the chance for you to showcase your favorite colors that you think look perfect for this picture and we’re excited to find out what color you pick!

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