How to Draw a Vase

The art of still life is among the most well-known and oldest. To be able to draw stunning still-lifes, you have to be aware of the art of drawing a vase or plate as well as other tableware. The artist places apple slices, flowers, pears, and other plants into these dishes. They are all set on a table next to where a person is able to be seated in the chair. Then, you won’t receive a still-life instead, but a portrait like the Serov painting titled The Girl with Peaches.

However, we’ve gone too far, so let’s look at our vase. To begin the process of learning the art of drawing vase you’ll require your favorite art kit, whether it’s paper and pencils, or a tablet with graphics. If everything is in order and you’re ready to begin, let’s start!


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing a vase starting from the top. To draw this, sketch this topmost part with the shape of an oval that is flat. To determine proportionality, just examine the sketch with the mirror.




Step 2

Utilizing two straight lines creates the neck of the vase using two smooth lines. The neck can be repeated like the artists from have done in the image below or make it bigger or smaller.




Step 3

Then, using two straight lines, draw your vase’s body. The vase’s body should grow, and then slowly taper towards the foot.




Step 4

Simple and clear stage, in which we show the lower part of the vase with the arcuate lines. In addition, it is possible to show a stand at the lower part of your vase.




Step 5

If you’re not happy with any lines, remove them using an eraser. Then, draw the vase using black ink or dark pencil lines.




Step 6

Vases have been around for a long time and, during this period, they were adorned with a distinct style. Therefore, you could paint the vase in brown, like the example provided by the artists at, or in any other color.




As you will see, the tutorial on drawing vases was actually quite simple. We’re looking forward to your feedback on our social networks as your feedback is crucial to us. We will read all of your comments and will respond to a lot of them.

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