How to Draw a Valentine’s Heart

Today, I’ll show you how to draw Valentine’s Heart. This tutorial will show you how to create a holiday card for February 14. Follow the steps in this tutorial to get a great end result.

How to draw a Valentine’s heart

Step 1: Draw the Baseline

First, draw a vertical straight line at the center of your piece of paper. This will serve as a reference point for symmetry. It should be placed exactly where you want Valentine’s heart to be drawn.

Step 2 – Add Horizontal Line

Second, draw another horizontal line parallel to the top of the first line. You should not use any auxiliary tools.

Step 3 – Draw the Lateral Lines

A few more auxiliary lines. One horizontal line will mark where the lower point of the rounded heart is. The lateral lines mark the borders of the heart’s lateral edges.

Step 4 – Draw the Heart

Draw the first half of Valentine’s heart. Don’t make the middle too sharp, keep it as smooth as possible. This can be drawn with multiple lines.

Step 5 – Add the Second Part

Continue the previous step from the opposite side. Use the lines at the beginning of the tutorial to create a symmetrical form.

Step 6 – Remove the extra lines

Remove extra lines from Valentine’s heart. Examine the correctness and symmetry of the last lines. All errors and inaccuracies must be corrected.

Step 7 – Color it

Color your Valentine’s Day heart. This case is a great one.

You have now created a beautiful drawing. This shape can be used in a more complicated composition. You can also use it to make holiday cards and gift them to someone you love. Do not forget to leave comments about how helpful this lesson was for your life.

How to Draw a Valentine’s Card

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