How to Draw a Valentines Couple, Anime Kiss

How to Draw a Valentines Couple, Anime Kiss

Step one:

I’m sure that some of you are familiar with the art of drawing a couple kissing, which means that you must have some experience in creating the faces when they are interlocked. The first thing to do is create the head shapes and then draw some facial contours.

Step two:

Start drawing the outline of the female’s head as this, and then draw the face’s profile. After that, it is possible to draw her neck and move on to step three.

Step three:

Then, draw the male’s head form and also its jawline, his chin and lips. Draw out his neck, that is more slender than the females.

Step four:

You are now ready to draw your hair. Begin with the chunks of long hair for her bangs, and then sketch all the way down her length. Draw the hair’s details in this manner, and you can add additional hair chunks in order to complete the look.

Step five:

Make more hair strands , and make sure to style her locks in the right way. Once you’re done by this stage, you are able to go on to step 6.

Step six:

Draw your eyebrows and then draw the eyes closed. Eyelids should be thick and dark. Make sure you have blush marks on the cheeks and you’re ready to a more even stance.

Step seven:

Draw the shape of his ear and then sketch out his messy hairstyle. Make sure you take your time when you sketch because you’ll want to ensure his hair is drawn using sharp edges and clean layers.

Step eight:

The final drawing stage, all you have to create a shirt. Add details to the clothes and sketch out the outline inside the ear, and add details to the neck and hair. Remove the mistakes when you’re finished.

Step nine:

Here’s how your drawing appears now that you’ve completed it. The only thing that must be accomplished now is adding colors to bring these lovebirds to life.

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