How To Draw A Valentine Wolf

How To Draw A Valentine Wolf

Step one:

Begin by drawing the guidelines, then draw them out lightly.

Step two:

Then you will draw his ear and neck cuff and the fur on the top of his head to give him the character.

Step three:

Then, draw the second ear.

Step four:

Draw his eyes!

Step five:

Following that, we’ll focus on the heart-shaped nostril!

Step six:

Then pull the paw to the heart that has been bitten.

Step seven:

Then next, draw his foreleg as well as begin to draw his hind limb.

Step eight:

He has a sketchy foot, as well as the run.

Step nine:

Draw the foot of the opposite foot, which is likely to be simpler due to the view from the side.

Step ten:

Finally, draw the tail of your dog and be sure you draw it neat and curled.

Step eleven:

When you are happy with your work, pull the Microns or Sharpies and get your ink out!

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