How to Draw a Valentine Tattoo

How to Draw a Valentine Tattoo

Step one:

The heart can be made in any size you’d like. Once you have determined the size of the heart you can draw two forms at the base to create roses. Make a guideline, and then proceed to step one.

Step two:

Here, you can sketch what is inside the rose , which is made up of the petals that are pulled to form a rose.

Step three:

In this step, you’ll sketch the rose. Create a heart-shaped shape using an extended tail.

Step four:

Draw more petals of the roses. If you draw the petals this time, be sure to draw the petals falling. Include details along the edges, which are tiny tears.

Step five:

You’ll finish the rose in this manner by drawing the remaining of the flowers. As the rose is blooming it will appear fresh and full of life.

Step six:

Begin the drawing process for another rose. Do you see what’s inside the flower? Check to see if it’s the button.

Step seven:

The third rose needs to be first tackled before drawing the outline of the second rose that is currently in bloom. Once that’s done, proceed through step 8.

Step eight:

Draw the rose leaf bed as follows, and then draw in all the tiny veins to each leaf.

Step nine:

Draw the outline of the heart, and then draw a second heart inside the one with the same shape. Make sure you erase the mistakes, and you’re finished.

Step ten:

Here’s your Valentine tattoo after you’re done. Color it your own way, and then gift your gift to someone that you cherish.

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