How to Draw a Valentine Girl

How to Draw a Valentine Girl

Step one:

Start this initial easy step by drawing the guidelines for her body’s posture like this. First, draw a head-shaped shape followed by a line that runs along her back, which is slightly arched at the bottom. Once you’ve finished, draw the shoulder line, her back line and buttock line, so that you draw her cheeks in a uniform manner.

Step two:

In the next step you’ll be drawing the outline of her perfectly curvaceous body frame. Once you’ve finished, you can draw the lines on the sides of her face. This includes her mouth, nose and her chin. Make sure you draw a lump of her butt to the left, so you can draw it out so that once the remainder of her body is sketched out, she will have the perfect rear end.

Step three:

Now you’re at the third step. I prefer to believe that the third steps are getting close to the conclusion of a tutorial. What you’ll need to do during this stage is draw the form and style of her hair. You will then draw her eyes, and plump lips. You’ll then sketch the outline of her arm and the curly curve that her butt. After you’re finished, you can then move to the next step.

Step four:

You have completed the final drawing step, and all you need to do is sketch out all the detail in her hair to outline the hair strands. Then, draw out her eyes and the final step is to give her the thong she needs for panties, or any other style of panties that you wish to. Draw a beautiful Valentine associated tattoo to her back, which will be the heart with devil’s hair. When you’re done, you can erase all of the lines and shapes you sketched in the step 1.

Step five:

After your sexy lady is clean, you’ll have something like this after you’re finished. All you need to do is draw her and make sure you pin her (if you’d like). I hope you enjoyed this tutorial that shows you drawing an adorable Valentine girl step-by-step.

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