How To Draw A Valentine Dragon

How To Draw A Valentine Dragon

Step one:

Then, start with the basic guidelines for drawing your dragon. Draw these with a light touch.

Step two:

After that, begin drawing his jaw and head.

Step three:

Then, let’s take on his eyes and face!

Step four:

Then, make the teeth, the horns and facial details.

Step five:

Then, proceed to draw the neck, which will soon create the chest region.

Step six:

Next, we’ll draw the wings. Draw thin lines to define each wing’s fingers.

Step  seven:

Finalize wings by drawing another one.

Step eight:

Then, you can draw the front legs, as the illustration below.

Step nine:

Then draw the hind leg and stomach and the nail details and the pupil of the eye.

Step ten:

Then, proceed to make the tail curled as it is shown.

Step eleven:

Finally, pull the fire out of your nose and also the heart that he is trying to chase.

Step twelve:

After you’ve finished your thoughts, you’ll have something similar to this!

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