How to Draw a Valentine Cupcake -

How to Draw a Valentine Cupcake

How to Draw a Valentine Cupcake

Today, we’ll show you how to draw Valentine Cupcakes. This tutorial is very easy and you can make a really cool drawing. You will be able to achieve a fantastic result if you follow the steps.

How to draw a Valentine Cupcake

Step 1: Draw the Base Lines

First, draw the sides of the figure using two beveled lines. Place it in the middle of your piece. Use as many smooth and light lines as you can.




Step 2 – Add Bottom

Second, draw the bottom part of your delicious cupcake. It should look like a line connecting the two lines in the previous step.




Step 3: Draw the top edge of the paper

This small detail will help make your drawing look more real. Third, create a smooth line using a pattern like the one in the sample. Your imagination is the limit of your design options.




Step 4 – Create the Fold Effect

Make vertical lines to create the look of corrugated papers. Each line corresponds with one semicircle in the previous step. Do not try to draw straight lines.




Step 5 – Draw Part 5.

This treat can be topped with cream contours. It looks like an inverted Valentine’s sign.




Step 6 – Decorate your Cupcake

Draw a cupcake decoration. This is the heart sign in our example, but you could draw any shape. This figure should not be too large.




Step 7 – Add Decoration Elements

We decided to add more decorative elements. You can either draw whatever shapes you want or skip this step. Make sure to inspect the lines and shapes on your delicious cupcake.




Step 8 – Color Your Drawing

Select the best colors for your holiday cupcake. If you wish to create more complicated art, add highlights and shadows.




This drawing guide is now complete. We hope you get great results. Don’t forget to mention any difficulties or problems you have encountered while drawing. We are looking forward to your proposals for topics for drawing lessons. We would love to work with you!

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