How to Draw a Valentine Bear

This drawing guide will show you how to draw a Valentine’s Bear. This adorable toy has become a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Because a teddy bear, one of the most popular gifts, is this natural? These steps will help you draw it.

How to draw a Valentine’s Bear

Step 1: Draw the Basic Contours

Draw the outline of the bear’s head and torso. As in the sample, use smooth, round shapes. The head is slightly larger than the body, while the body is slightly shorter.




Step 2: Add the Ears

This tutorial has very little detail. This tutorial only shows the most basic details. Draw the contours of your ears and a small circle at the lower portion of your face.




Step 3: Draw the facial features

The basic features of your face are drawn. Pay close attention to the distance between your eyes and the shape of their faces. These details are crucial to the overall appearance of the character.




Step 4 – Add Valentine’s Heart

This is the only thing that makes it possible to draw. From the first step, draw Valentine’s heart above the outline of the torso. You can hide more of the bear’s head and torso by making a larger Valentine card.



Step 5 – Draw your hands

Add the outline of the paws. It is not necessary to detail the fingers. This is a simple step. The gradual increase in the size of the paws anteriorly is due to perspective.



Step 6 – Draw the hind legs

The hind legs should be longer than the front. It doesn’t matter if the shape looks too large.



Step 7: Add the circles to the outer paths

Only a few more strokes. Draw the inner portions of the hind legs. It appears like two large ovals that point in opposite directions.



Step 8 – Delete all extra lines

Erase all extra lines. Verify that all lines and proportions are correct.



Step 9 – Color It

You can choose any color you like for your bear. Light brown was my choice. Red is the ideal color for Valentine’s Day.



We hope you found this drawing tutorial helpful. Do not forget to let us know if you created amazing art. We look forward to reading your comments.

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