Welcome, artists! you to 3Dvkarts and instructions on drawing on a flash drive USB! On our site, there are already many drawing classes on electronics that range from laptops to computers and smartphones. However, we noticed that we didn’t draw this simple, but common thing like a portable USB drive. We’ll begin our lesson!
Step 1
Let’s begin with a square shape like a long, tridimensional rectangular (cuboid).
Step 2
In face of the image created in the previous step, draw the larger volumetric circle (cuboid).
Step 3
Eliminate all the additional instructions and you will get the basic form that our flash drives have.
Step 4
Then, draw the details on the back of the USB flash drive, as illustrated in our illustration.
Step 5
Then, in the final step, we sketch the well-known USB Flash drive’s logo onto the top.

It was a simple drawing tutorial that showed drawing on a USB drive. You can add some shadows to your design or even add color. Don’t forget to sign up with us on social media and also share this and all of the drawing lessons we have taught you.

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