How To Draw A Ukulele -

How To Draw A Ukulele

How To Draw A Ukulele

How To Draw A Ukulele

Step one:

Begin by drawing two circles. Then draw a guideline to an uke’s neck. after which draw an outline to make the headstock.

Step two:

This is where you’ll sketch the complete form of the headstock as well as the neck.

Step three:

The next step is to sketch and color the tuning pegs. Then, draw your tuning keys. Then, sketch the 4 strings connected on each peg.

Step  four:

All you need to do is sketch out the hourglass-shaped shape of the body of the Ukulele with the guides you made in step one.

Step five:

Then then, create the trims around the outside of the body. Then, draw into the sound hole and the remaining strings. The strings are fixed through the bridge. Clean up your mistakes if you have made any, and that’s all there is to it.

Step six:

Here’s the completed sketch now that you have playing Ukulele.

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