How to Draw A UFO

It’s difficult to believe that we are the only ones in this galaxy with its infinite size. Since ancient times, humans have looked up into the sky to see if there is anything out there that could be observing our Earth. Thousands of people claim to have seen such spacecraft.

Although we don’t know the exact truth, it is certain that UFOs and aliens are a popular fascination.

Many people imagine how they might look, which is why it’s useful to learn how draw a UFO.

This guide will help you get started!

How to Draw Among Us

This step-by-step guide will help you visualize your interplanetary visitors.

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw UFOs. Let’s start with the glass dome. This step is easy because it only requires a basic shape and a steady hand.

It will have a flat oval shape and will be used as the UFO’s dome.

After you’ve replicated the shape in our reference image, you can move on to the next step!

2nd Step:

UFOs are also known as flying saucers. Many people believe that they look just like their namesake.

For your UFO drawing we are using the flying saucer design. That is what we will be drawing.

Simply add another oval-shaped flat shape beneath and circle the dome to accomplish this.

However, this one will be flatter than the one before it. As shown in the reference photo, you can add a line to the base of your saucer.

3rd Step:

We will add a small section below the UFO to this is our guide on drawing a UFO.

We will draw a thin half-oval under the UFO to do this. This could serve many functions, including scanning and beaming abductions. This section might serve a purpose.

4th Step:

Once you’ve created the basic structure for your UFO drawing, you can add details.

We will draw some small, circular shapes on the spacecraft for this part. These lights would likely flash brightly if the UFO was flying through the air.

After you have drawn the small oval shapes, you can add a line in the middle of each one to give it more detail.

5th Step:

You can add some color to the last step of our UFO drawing guide.

To make our guide more convincing, we added lines from the UFO that suggest a beam reaching the ground.

You can add more details to this, but it is a small, yet very effective, detail.

It takes a lot imagination to draw something like a UFO, since we don’t know what they look like.

This means you can add many different types of cool details to your home.

You could draw an alien in the dome to show who would be flying this ship.

To make the ship appear even more advanced technologically, you could draw cool ray guns and extra sections.

You could add a background to the UFO to show its location. There are many options available and we cannot wait to see your creations!

6th Step:

After you’ve completed your UFO drawing, and added your details and elements to it, you can bring it to life by adding amazing color.

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