How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

In this drawing instruction, we’ll show the steps to draw the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This task has been divided into simple steps.

Step 1

The first step is to sketch three rounded forms. If you switch the upper and middle shapes to create the snowman that is placed on a diagonal. Don’t draw completely even circles during this step This is simply an idea for later actions.




Step 2

Begin by connecting the corners of circles created in the previous step by the smooth line. Following that we draw the outline of the extremities of our dinosaur. As you may know, the T-Rex had massive, powerful hind legs as well as very small front legs. Let’s look at this by drawing a sketch.




Step 3

Continue to draw our “prehistoric” predator. In this stage, we trace the contours of our upper jaw. The result is an uneven-looking shape that looks like an oval with a horizontal shape. An oval’s edge on the front must be slightly pointed but not becoming narrower.





Step 4

Include the curves that are on the jaw’s lower part. It should form an equilateral triangle with smooth and round corners. Be aware of the proportions and position relative to the jaw’s upper. Attach the mandible and maxilla with a tiny, straight line.





Step 5

In this easy step, we connect the head and the torso of our reptile. In order to do this, we will use two straight lines in our model. The line on the bottom should be considerably shorter than the upper line.





Step 6

It is a very brief step. In this step, we sketch the eye’s contours along with the superciliary arches. It is not recommended to draw an eye that is too large. It is also crucial to keep a tight separation between the superciliary and eye. There is no need to draw a large eye to convey the impression of a predatory eye. eyes.





Step 7

This is why we will continue our guide on drawing the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We will draw tiny pointed teeth. Actually, they aren’t as small as you believe. The teeth of the predator are 30 centimeters long. We can see tiny teeth in our drawing because of the small size.




Step 8

The shorter front legs of the Tyrannosaurus compared to its massive hind legs that are powerful and strong are a popular meme. In general, I draw illustrations of the limbs of the tyrannosaurus to make fun of any apparent difference. Let’s draw the tiny, weak forelegs from our massive pangolin.




Step 9

The massive, powerful tail of a Tyrannosaurus is not a joke. It’s a serious weapon and a vital piece of the body accountable for balance when sprinting and jumping. Draw it now.




Step 10

Another thing that is very important in the body of our prehistoric killer is the hind limbs. Let’s turn them into a smooth and even line. The shape is almost identical to the hind legs of the horses.




Step 11

We are almost at the finals. You’ll be able to tell this when you examine the steps involved in this particular step. In general, we always move from the head to the tail. Therefore, we can add strong clawed legs, and draw a few fingers.




Step 12

We take out all lines that are unnecessary from our stunning Tyrannosaurus. It should be a stunning drawing that is proportional. If you spot any mistakes or distortions, make corrections before we begin working with the colors.




Step 13

Now we are at the final step. This is where we paint our terrifying prehistoric monster. It is possible to choose any color that suits your preferences However excessively bright colors could alter the realism.




We’ve finished this complicated guide. In the past, many children enjoyed drawing dinosaurs. We hope those of you who enjoy this will attempt to sketch this Rex Tyrannosaurus using our tutorial.

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