Today we’re wrapping up our drawing tutorial series for the main races of the Warhammer 40 000 Universe. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show how to draw the art of drawing the Tyranid.

Step 1
The foundation of every drawing is the stickman, and this instructional video on Tyranid in Warhammer 40 000 is no exception. In the beginning, we sketch out the massive elongated pelvis, thorax, and head. By drawing straight lines, we sketch out the limbs and the tail.

Step 2
We now sketch the outline that defines the shape of this beast. We’ll begin with the volume of the direction of the head and work our way towards the tail. Draw what are the “arms” contours and silhouette of the torso. It is narrowed to the pelvis. With the aid of lines, sketch the paws, using hooves instead of feet, and snake tail.

Step 3
It is now time to sketch the outline of the evil eyes. In this stage, we draw the upper feet of our beast. In contrast to the typical pair of legs, the upper paws of our monster aren’t at all similar to human hands.

Step 4
This drawing tutorial on drawing the Tyranid of Warhammer is 40 000. In this section, we draw the contours of this terrifying head. On the forehead, we draw several plates that are similar to the surly bracket sign.


Step 5
We will now focus on the upper and lower paws.  They’re identical to the insect paws. In the final step, we draw numerous lines across the torso of our monster.

Step 6
Following the shoulders’ lines and arms, we draw the lines that Tyranid’s arms. We then draw the palms holding the gun. It is important to note that these palms are like human hands. Get rid of any guidelines that are not needed and then move the hands towards the legs.

Step 7
This is a small step. We sketch the final contours of the legs using hoofs. Then we use an eraser to remove all guidelines that are not needed from the legs.

Step 8
To create shadows, you’ll first consider where the light source is. In this case, the light comes on the top right of the head.  You can also make the shadows stand out by using a second layer of hatching.

We’ve put together a large variety of drawing lessons which will be posted on our site in the near time. Make sure to check our website whenever you can to not skip the new lessons taught by our artists.

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