How to draw a turtle

This tutorial will show you how to draw a turtle swimming. This is an easy drawing tutorial for kids and adults. It is perfect for beginners.

Now students can learn how to draw a sea turtle. Sea turtles are different from other turtles because they have a shell pattern that looks like it has waves on it. They also have flipper-like legs.

The first step to drawing a turtle is to look at a picture of a turtle. Look at the picture until you can see every detail. Look at the shape of the turtle’s flippers, and the scutes on the turtle’s shell. Look at where the turtle is looking. You can see that the turtle’s head is turned to the right.

Now Draw a simple outline around the body. The simplest outline you can. Hold the pencil tilted so that the lines are wider (thicker) so you can cover inaccuracy.
If you want to make it more accurate, you can use a ruler to help you draw straight lines.
Now draw the neck, the shoulders, the arms, the hands, the torso, the hips.

How to draw a turtle Step by Step

  • Draw an outline of the sea turtle’s shell in the center of your paper.
  • Within the outline of the shell we drew in the previous step, draw another outline following the shape of the shell.
  • Structure the vertebral scutes on the shell by drawing irregular and uneven circular shapes linked together in the center of the shell.
  •  Draw uneven geometric shapes similar to the previous step on the left side of the shell. The scutes should all be connected together, as shown in the illustration.
  • Draw circular shapes in various sizes all over the skin of the sea turtle. This outlines the unique spots on the surface of its skin.

Some turtle Drawing Images

Now, you know the very basic steps of how to draw a turtle. Using this simple technique you are now able to draw virtually any turtle you choose.

Always remember, the point is in detail! Work them out diligently if possible.





Now it’s time to color your sea turtle picture. Sea turtles come in a lot of different colors. The most common colors are yellow, olive-green, greenish-brown, reddish-brown, and black. Some sea turtles even have patterns on them. So you can choose your own colors for your sea turtle. Use any colors you want. You can use watercolors or colored pencils. Try different things to see what you like best.

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