In this drawing tutorial, we will teach how to draw the steps to draw the turnip step by step. We wanted to ensure that this tutorial was not an additional drawing tutorial. vegetables. Our aim is to see your skills grow with every post on DFA. So, it’s not just a turning lesson. This drawing guide was created to help you draw basic geometric forms and shadows.


Step 1

Be sure to make the circle perfect. In nature, you’ll not see a perfect balance.



Step 2

The root of the leaves is located above. Below, you will observe a pointed, long root. It is possible to draw a more naturalistic twist by drawing the leaves rather than stumps.



Step 3

Let’s look at the specifics of our turnip. In this process it is necessary to draw the stem, then erase the line that is ahead of our root. It is important to note that you don’t need to erase anything prior to the stem.



Step 4

To make an object appear real, it is essential to add shadows to it. In this instance, we draw shadows on the stem and the left side of our turnip. It is important to note that there is some distance between the edges as well as the shadow.


It was fairly simple. It is worth noting that in some languages, turnips can be used to refer to something basic. We wish you the best outcome. Come back soon to our site!

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