how to draw a turkey

We continue to show you drawing different birds In this drawing lesson we will teach you how to draw a turkey. ways to draw turkeys.

In our tutorial in this article, we’ll show our readers how you can draw a typical domestic turkey, which appears quite different from wild turkeys. The major distinction is the fact that domestic turkeys are fatter and bigger. This is because during the many years of breeding the bird has developed precisely the traits required by breeders.

With this at hand, let’s gather the art materials and start getting down to the instructions on drawing the turkey.


Step 1

First, depict two circles. The smaller circle for the head, and the larger circle for the upper torso. You should leave a little space to allow for the neck.




Step 2

Utilize two straight, smooth lines that draw an arc of curving the neck of your turkey. Next, draw a long tail with three lines. The tail should grow slightly towards the point.




Step 3

Create a triangular beak for the head and split the head into 2 parts. Draw an eye that is small within the middle of the head’s circle. The turkey’s beak must be placed against the front side of your neck.




Step 4

By drawing smooth lines, draw the wattle, which will be hanging over the beak. After that by using a few lines, draw the wing. We have drawn a straightened wing and you can then apply pressure to the wing of the turkey against the torso of the turkey.




Step 5

Make use of long, curving lines to trace the chest’s front. Then, draw the legs with straight lines. To determine the proportions, reverse the sketch or examine it with the mirror.




Step 6

Draw the toes by using sharp claws at the end with smooth, straight lines. In this picture, you will see the toes of each foot. However, it has 4 feet, and the ones that are the furthest are covered by the toes closest to them.

Step 7

Create a sequence of straight lines to show those feathers that are on your wings as well as the tail. Be sure to keep the lines of feathers roughly the same length.




Step 8

Let’s draw some feathers over the remainder of the body of the turkey. The feathers should be shorter and therefore, short C-lines are needed to draw them.




Step 9

Make sure to erase any constructive guidelines in the Turkey draw. We do not require them anymore. Additionally, you can make the lines darker in your drawing in order to give it appear more professional.




Step 10

Paint the legs and the beak yellow The head and neck are pink The wattle is red as well as the wings, torso, and the tail are brown. You can also apply shadows to give the turkey appearance more full.




If you’ve read the article up to this point, likely, you already know how to draw turkeys. If you’re looking at these instructions and you haven’t yet begun the process, then we recommend that you start at the initial stage and walk through them all along with us.

If you’ve learned how to draw turkeys, it’s time to improve your skills higher. To achieve this, draw the scene to draw the bird. Additionally, you can draw the turkey from various angles and with different postures.

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