Dear users of! The latest drawing lesson is ready for you. Today we’ll teach how to draw a Tulip. We’d like not to forget that this isn’t just one of the drawing lessons for flowers that we have on our site, there is also a drawing course on drawing an actual rose. Let’s begin with the lesson on drawing the flower tulip!

Step 1
In accordance with the ideas that our artist has come up with, the tulip in our tutorial will appear like a plant growing in a flower bed, with stems, leaves, and buds. Drawing with lines from buds and stems – the lines should be light and smooth. Start by drawing curving lines of stems, and then draw the lower part of the buds.

Step 2
It is apparent that at this stage, there are a lot of lines. However, If you follow the right order, you won’t be confused. Include a few lines in the buds. Draw those leaves (draw another line in the stem’s line from the earlier step) and work on the leaves. By drawing curved lines, draw the leaves.

Step 3
In this section of the instructional on drawing the tulip, it is drawing petals. Draw them with straight lines and curly lines, as we did in our illustration. Note that the lower bud bloomed more than the higher. Remember to draw the stamen into the bud that is open.

Step 4
In this stage, we can create a tulip that is a bit more realistic by adding shadows. Imagine that light hits the tulip from above. Thus we can see how to apply shadows. For instance on the lower areas of buds, the higher parts of the stems as well as the leaf flaps.

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