In this easy lesson that is very easy to follow,’s team will teach you the art of drawing a truck simple and fast using nine basic levels.

In reality, we’ve previously demonstrated ways to draw the outline of a truck however, we decided to draw it differently, in order to view this subject from different angles. To broaden their horizons, visit our older article about drawing the outline of a truck.

Step 1

As with all of our pieces, this guide for drawing pickup trucks will begin with basic geometric shapes. In this instance, we begin with geometric shapes and then plot them with very straight lines.



Step 2

Then, add the most important elements, which could be large headlights as well as an impressive grille on the front and the rear of the vehicle. On the sides create arches with angular shapes and a decently tall window.


Step 3

We are continuing to create the pickup sketch or, more accurately, to draw the initial sketch of the truck. Include round wheels as well as the visible portion of the suspension with easily erasable lines.


Step 4

The initial drawing of the vehicle is complete but we have to get into more details. In keeping with tradition, we’ll begin with the nose and then trace the powerful grille and the angular headlights of this pickup.


Step 5

The fifth stage is likely to be the most straightforward in this guide of drawing an image of a pickup. By using dark lines, trace the powerful and large front wheel’s arch as well as the hood. Take out any unnecessary lines on the outside of the car.


Step 6

This process will be more difficult because we’ll have to draw a cab for this pickup. With the same clear and dark lines, trace the entire thing as artists have done in the photo below.


Step 7

In this stage, we’ll complete an outline of the truck’s body. By using clear lines, we’ll shade the cargo portion of the truck. Also, darken as well as the rear wheel arch, and the rear bumper.


Step 8

Take extra care when designing wheels for your truck drawings. They must be as precise and symmetrical as possible. The round rims should be drawn and remove any other rules.


Step 9

The final finishing touches that will make your pickup truck design an impression of strength and depth. With hatching, create highlights and shadows in the areas below.


We made every effort to ensure that the process of developing the design for the pickup vehicle was the easiest and most understandable. If the instructions on drawing trucks actually easy make sure you follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to keep track of all the information that is posted on

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