How To Draw A Trophy Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Teachers Apple

For the first step in this trophy design tutorial, we’ll begin by drawing an outline of the award.

Start by drawing two curving lines, which are in front of one another. Each curve will be a little spiral at its base.

These lines will create your trophy’s handle, and we’ll add additional lines to them in the future. At this point, you may complete this process by drawing a second bent line in the middle of the handle.

The is a horizontal line, and it will gradually curve to the left. When you’ve completed all these elements, we’ll continue to step 2.

Step 2 – Draw the remaining handles and then add additional lines

Continue the work you began in the earlier step of drawing your trophy in this next part.

As we have already been praised and admired, we’ll refine the handles. Create a second spiral to each spiral, and apply a different curve to an inside edge on each of the handles.

Then, we sketch an outline for the body of the trophy. Continue to extend the circles from the edge of the trophy, and then create a small rectangle at the bottom of the body.

This is all for right now, but when you’re ready to go, do it!

Step 3 – Now begin drawing the base of the trophy.

For the third step of this guide on drawing an award, we’ll begin by sketching the base of the trophy. The base will be divided into various sections and levels as illustrated in the reference image.

The first piece is a sort of stem that joins to the body with the base. we’ll draw.

Draw another rectangle that is smaller than the larger one that you put on the base. Then draw two lines that curve downwards from it. We’ll then use curves with sharp edges to create each new piece of our trophy.

The image reference will provide you with dimensions and shapes of each step, however the basic concept remains identical for every level.

Step 4: Now draw additional details for the trophy

In this portion of the trophy design We’ll begin adding particulars to the design. Start by drawing another line of curved lines just below the cup’s edge.

We’ll then add details on the contours of the body and base of the trophy in order to finish these aspects. The final detail we’ll include onto the trophy the most significant.

We’ll need space to write our names to the award winners We’ll create a metal plaque on the base.

Draw a rectangle for this section, and then add the small circle at each corner to allow the screws to be anchored to.

You’ll then be prepared for the final details when you move to step 5.

The 5th step is to add the last information to your drawing

Now it is time to complete the final details before moving onto the next part of this guide for drawing the trophy.

These small details will mostly be minimal, but they’ll aid in the creation of an appealing image. Just add some curves to various areas on the trophy, to add more luster and texture.

Once you’ve entered these details, you’ll be able to make your own! An interesting idea is to write names and accomplishments on a piece of paper over the trophy.

If you’ve accomplished this, you can transform it into a gift card to somebody! How do you finish this award?

Step 6 – Complete your trophy’s design using colors

When you are finished with your drawing of your trophy You can improve it by adding colors to bring it to life. In our example we used silver and gold for a beautiful bronze appearance.

By changing the hue of the color you choose by varying the shade of the color, you can create an appearance that is more polished for the steel.

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