How to Draw a Trippy Turtle -

How to Draw a Trippy Turtle

How to Draw a Trippy Turtle

How to Draw a Trippy Turtle

Step 1:

The first step is to use the basic shapes and guides to make a frame to display the artwork.

Step 2:

Utilizing the facial guidelines, you’ll draw in and color the tiny flower bursts, which serve as pupils of this turtle.

Step 3:

The next step is to draw and sketch out the face of the turtle and the upper part of the turtle’s shell. Also, draw in the eyes too.

Step 4:

Make the mouth and nose areas and then draw the cigar this turtle is puffing. Of course, you could remove the cigar but this was my idea so I decided to include it. In detail, the object and the area and objects.

Step 5:

We will create the head of the turtle, which is designed to resemble the look of a knit beanie. Then, add texture on the head too.

Step 6:

Color inside the interior of the shell.

Step 7:

Begin drawing the turtle’s shell, then draw the turtle’s front feet and legs. Of course, you’ll also include shading too.

Step 8:

The upper part of the turtle by adding wild growing mushrooms. They have various sizes and shapes however they’re the same species certain. Incorporate the gills into the shrooms, and then they will appear as wild spots.

Step 9:

Then, draw larger mushrooms, but smaller to the left of the shell. Then, fill the area with smoke, smoldering and loose coming from the smoke. After you have finished, tidy up the drawing.

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