Today we will teach our readers the steps to draw an image of a tripod. In the digital world, lots of people are able to show their artistic talents. If you’ve ever attempted to make video films then you’re probably familiar with this gadget. Geologists and photographers are aware of the tripod.

Step 1

Then, draw three vertical lines which diverge from a point. Take note of the distance between them. You can alter the position of these lines in order to sketch a tripod at an angle that is different.




Step 2

In the previous step, we traced an outline of a tripod made up consisting of 3 lines. Then, we will add volume to each line. In the lower regions of the final figures, we draw round stabilizers.



Step 3

Let’s design a bracing system for the camera. The sides and top planes create an angle that is right. From the front, you can see asymmetrical figures. A lever in the rear is found with a handle in the shape of a circle.



Step 4

Make sure to add some shadows. The shadows can be seen on the tripod’s support. In this illustration, it’s crucial to place tiny shadows on the ground. The realness of the image can be severely distorted when it appears as if the tripod is suspended from the air.


It was a fairly easy lesson. If you are able to draw straight lines as well as simple geometric shapes, you are able to effortlessly draw this tripod. If you are unable to draw it then you should look into other classes on drawing gadgets or electronic gadgets. You’ll be able to draw tripods, and other similar objects much more quickly if you attempt to draw them without an instrument like a ruler or any other tools.

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