How to Draw a Triceratops

Another drawing tutorial on dinosaurs. In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw Triceratops. This dinosaur was herbivorous and lived around 67 million years ago.

Like the Tyrannosaurus this dinosaur has a distinctive appearance. Triceratops’ head has three long, sharp horns: one above the eyes and one on the nose.

The Triceratops also has a distinctive bony frill on the back of its head that protects the neck against predators and serves as an attachment to the muscles of its jaw.


Step 1

Let’s draw Triceratops using the most basic geometric shapes according to tradition. Three ovals should be drawn for the head, chest, and pelvis.




Step 2

Next, draw the neck with a long, smooth line. This will lead to the spine and tail. Next, draw simple lines to depict the front- and back legs.




Step 3

Imagine a mouth that looks somewhat like a beak from a bird. The upper jaw should be larger than the lower.




Step 4

One smooth line should be drawn at the lower neck. Next, draw the frill that we described at the beginning of the process.




Step 5

Two long, sharp horns should be drawn at the top of your head. One shorter one should be drawn on the nose. You can repeat the same bending as the artists.




Step 6

Draw a small, round eye and a line below the horn. Next, draw the nostril below the nasal horn. Mark the lower jaw with a few lines.




Step 7

Draw the front legs using four lines. Make sure to follow their outline as closely and accurately as possible. The Triceratops drawing will look more dynamic if you draw one leg in front of the other.




Step 8

The instruction on how you draw a Triceratops is very simple. Draw toes with short, round nails at the bottom of the front legs.




Step 9

Connect the pelvis and ribcage from below to draw the bottom edge. Draw the bottom edge for the tail at the same time.




Step 10

Let’s now perform the same actions as in the seventh stage. Draw four lines that are simple and should be larger than the front legs for the hind legs.




Step 11

Draw the toes by placing your toenails on your hind legs. From this point of view, only three toes can be seen on each foot.




Step 12

Take out all construction lines from the previous two stages. Darken the artwork with a darker pencil to give it a cleaner, more complete look.




Step 13

The Triceratops’ skin was painted green, their eyes were black and their toenails dark. The Triceratops’ drawing will look more alive and realistic if you add shadows.




You can also draw Triceratops drawings. You can also draw a background using Cretaceous fauna and flora.

Our website has many other instructions about dinosaurs, including how to draw a Triceratops. You can find out how to draw many different animals from different eras by going to the Animals section.


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