how to draw a tree

Do you need a guide for drawing trees? The following eight steps can help even the most novice artist to draw the tree. The ability to draw nature is vital for every artist. This skill is useful for those who want to paint landscapes. So, gather your preferred pencils or paper tablet, and start an education process.


Step 1

We can begin drawing trees by drawing an image of their crown. Make use of a curly and winding line, as the artists from have done in the sketch below.




Step 2

Then, use two lines to illustrate the trunk. Don’t try to precisely replicate the crown and the trunk as we did in our example since in the world, there aren’t two exactly identical trees.




Step 3

With the aid of a second twisting line, we complete drawing the crown. The outline must cover the entire top tree as in the illustration of




Step 4

By using three curving lines, we end by drawing what is the upper part of the tree. The part is not to be replicated exactly like in our case. Don’t be afraid to play around with your ideas.




Step 5

Let’s give the picture of the tree the most beautiful and attractive appearance. To achieve this, draw leaves like the artists from used in the image below.




Step 6

Then, go down the tree and sketch the roots. They are similar to the branches sketched earlier.




Step 7

Then, take an eraser, and clean all guidelines that aren’t needed off your artwork, leaving it clean, beautiful, and beautiful. You can alter the color of your work to make it appear more detailed.




Step 8

Armed with the colors brown and green, paint the tree with the aid of colored pencils or paints, or felt-tip pens. You can also draw shadows to make yourself appear more realistic.




Dear writers and viewers of Did our guide on drawing the tree helpful for you? Do you want to recreate each step in your head or draw either maple or oak, with the information you can see above?

Try creating an attractive landscape by putting trees next to the water feature and drawing an animal like a rabbit or any other animal.

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