How to Draw A Tree Frog Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.


Step 1

Start by drawing the face of your tree frog. Draw a straight line from the left to the bottom.

Step 2

Draw the eyes. The eye is a large circular shape with a smaller inside. Draw a curve on top of your eyes.

Step 3

Draw the nose and mouth. Draw a narrow, curved line for the nose like the letter C. To draw the mouth, draw an extended line that is very close to the base of the head. What do you know? Tree frogs will eat insects and smaller frogs.

Step 4

Next, create the body. Next, draw a straight line from the top to the bottom.

Step 5

Draw the hind legs for the frog. The leg of the frog bends inward.

Step 6

Next, draw one of your front paws. Each foot has four toes that are rounded for frogs.

Step 7

Next, draw the belly. This is a very short line connecting the front leg and the back leg.

Step 8

Draw the last foot to finish the leg details.

Step 9

The final step is to draw details on the body of the frog. You will need to draw a long horizontal line and smaller lines running up and down the body.


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