Hello, dear artists! In this drawing class, we’ll teach you ways to draw trees, especially for novices. We’ve broken down the tutorial into several steps in order to help make drawing as simple as possible. Let’s begin the tutorial!

Step 1
Because trees grow from the bottom to the top, we’ll trace the tree’s trunk from the ground too. Then, by drawing two lines, draw the tree’s trunk.

Step 2
Drawing curved lines on the tree’s branches. The branches should be drawn from bottom to sides and up.

Step 3
Keep drawing branches. Utilize your imagination to draw your own branches’ outlines.

Step 4
By drawing wavy lines, draw the contours of the crown of the tree. By drawing vertical lines, you can trace the bark’s texture.

Step 5
Draw inner lines around the branches and leaves.

Step 6
By using irregular wavy lines, create more leaves, branches, and twigs in the same way as in our illustration.

This was a drawing lesson about drawing an acorn for those who are new to drawing. We hope that this tutorial was informative and interesting for you. Draw various trees using this technique to increase your drawing abilities. Look at the trees in photos as well as in real life, and draw them, as the most effective teacher is practice. Goodbye!

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