how to draw a treasure chest

Many of us have thought of finding a treasure and with the help of this tutorial to draw an elaborate treasure chest you can draw it on paper. The steps will be easy, and if you adhere to the steps that follow, you’ll be able to master drawing the treasure chest easily and extremely fast.

Step 1

The chest’s side is depicted on the chest using a rectangle-like shape. To make this geometric shape straight and even, you can make use of the ruler.



Step 2

Create the sides and top sides that make up the top and side surfaces of your chest. If you’ve done everything correctly the sketch you created should appear as an oblong.



Step 3

Then, draw the bottom that is the bottom of your cover. In order to determine the proportions of your artwork take a look at it using a mirror.



Step 4

Then, you can design the cover’s top in the same way as the artists from have done in the illustration below. The cover could be round or angular.



Step 5

Let’s build the treasure chest to be more impressive and realistic. To do this, draw metal frames in the drawing by the artists at


Step 6

Inside the frames made of metal you can draw wood planks. Sketch out round rivets along the edges of the metal frame.



Step 7

Now , let’s fill up the treasure box. The chest is filled with gold coins. Create a gold-colored texture using curly lines. You can also include some gold wines glasses and the crown.



Step 8

Let’s create a golden texture of the box appear more real. For this, we will use many C-shaped lines. The treasure chest design is nearly finished.



Step 9

Paint the gold in this box yellow. Paint the chest with hues of brown. The treasure chest, not only using the colors used in the image below, but in any other hue.



We have now completed the last part of our guide on how to draw the treasure chest. Did you find it easy to draw the subject? Tell us about it via comments or social media, as we will read all of your messages and will respond to a lot of them.

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