Hello everybody. If you’re a regular user of our website and have realized that we’ve drawn many things that you see every day. Today, we’re going to finish the subject and create an instruction on drawing an empty trash container.

Step 1
To ensure the symmetry of the drawing, it is necessary to draw straight lines.

Step 2
Then at the top of the line, draw an oval. This is the highest point of our trash bin.

Step 3
With two straight lines, draw the sides and draw the bottom using the curved line.

Step 4
Then go to the top, and then draw out the cap using the handle at the top.

Step 5
On the sides, we create two handles. In the lower and upper areas of the trash can we draw lines with a slight curvature.

Step 6
It is a simple process that we’ll need to draw these lines vertically (stiffeners).

Step 7
The final step in which we add shadows, as well as metallic shine, is to hatch.

Today, we taught you the art of drawing a trashcan. What other lessons do you want to discover on our website? Please submit your ideas in the comments section of this article.


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