On our website, we frequently illustrate vehicles with sports as well as executive automobiles. However, our readers and followers on our social media channels often requested a simpler car. We decided to make an instructional drawing course on drawing the design of a Toyota step-by-step.

Step 1 In the beginning, first, we must sketch out the outline that we will draw of the exterior of our Toyota. As you will see, all drawings of cars begin at the same point – which is the initial step. that we draw the outlines of the body of automobiles using thin lines.

 Step 2 In the next step of nearly all car drawing lessons, We usually draw the lines of the principal elements in the automobile. So, we sketch the radiator grille and headlights on the front, and the mirrors and wheels on the sides part of the car.

Step 3 You can now use dark pencil lines or lines drawn using the help of a liner or even ink. Therefore, draw the lines of headlights and radiator grilles and the Toyota trademark in the middle.

Step 4 Then carefully sketch out an outline for the front hood. Below the headlights, draw the specifics on the bumper. Utilizing the cross lines, sketch the outline of the radiator.

Step 5 The time has come to outline the exterior lines of the cabin. Draw out the contours of the windows and roof with clear and dark lines. In the same way, we must draw out the outline of the rearview mirrors.

Step 6 This step is the final stage of drawing the car’s body. Following the lines of the roof, draw out the rear and sides of the car. Then draw doors, handles for doors, and the bottom edge of the body.

Step 7 This is the step that we consider to be the most accountable. We need to sketch our wheels. They must be the most round and smooth. Also, do remember that you must erase any unnecessary guidelines that we have drawn in the first lesson.

Step 8 This step is the most original, as this is where we draw the wheels. If the body of the car should be identical to the original vehicle The rims may be in any form. This is why we consider this the most imaginative lesson. Draw the rims like in our example or create your own concept.

Step 9 After the drawing is complete now is the time to draw shadows so that the drawing looks more real and vivid. In addition, as with all drawings, it is necessary to make shadows by using dense hatching.

Many of our readers have wanted us to create an instructional lesson on drawing the shape of a Toyota and so we designed the following drawing exercise. In the comments, write your suggestions for how to draw lessons for the new year and our designers will make a drawing lesson for your need. So, give us suggestions for new drawing lessons. provide us with existing lessons, and follow us for updates via social media.

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