How to Draw a Tortoise

Another lesson on animal drawing. We will show you step-by-step how to draw a tortoise.

They look like they have emerged from the past. They have been featured in many cartoons and movies due to their unusual appearance and unique habits. Among them are TMNT and Squirtle. Bowser is a tortoise.

You will need a simple set of pencils, paper, and an eraser to learn how you can draw a tortoise. Let’s get to the drawing lesson if you have all of this.


How to draw a tortoise

Step 1

First, draw the head in a small circle. Then draw the torso in a large geometric bean-shaped figure. Between the head and the torso, leaving a little space for the neck.




Step 2

Let’s now get to the details. Draw the upper jaw first, then the lower one. It should be smaller than the upper one.




Step 3

At the top of your head, draw a small eye. Connect the head and torso using a pair of long, slightly curved lines to draw a long neck.




Step 4

Next, draw the front legs of the tortoise. These feet look just like thick winter socks.




Step 5

Draw the hind feet the same way. Next, draw a triangular tail. You can examine your tortoise drawing through a mirror to verify its proportionality.




Step 6

Draw the bottom edge of your shell using a straight line. Different turtles have different shapes for this line.




Step 7

Let’s now add details to make this tortoise drawing even more exciting. With a few simple lines, draw a shell opening. Next, draw the tortoise’s short claws with a few triangular marks.




Step 8

Add a pattern to your shell to make the tortoise drawings more realistic. To give your reptile personality, pick a pattern that you like and add it to the shell.




Step 9

Put aside all drawing objects and use an eraser to erase any unnecessary lines from your tortoise illustration. Darken any lines that are necessary to make your artwork stand out.




Step 11

Your tortoise illustration should be painted in shades of green. Shadows can be used to give your reptile drawing more volume, such as the one in this example.




Now that you have completed the tortoise drawing, it is time to add something new and exciting to make it stand out. You can create a natural setting for your tortoise with animals and plants.

You can then try drawing a different type of turtle with this drawing tutorial. You can draw, for example, a snapping turtle and a Galapagos tortoise using the steps from this tutorial.


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