how to draw a torso

In this lesson, the team from will teach you how to draw a torso. This is among the most important for anyone who wants to know how to draw an individual human.


Step 1

First, draw an outline of the spine. Then, show the chest as did the artists at Below, sketch the pelvis in the form of an oval. The outline of your torso should look like this.




Step 2

Connect your chest to your pelvis and draw shoulders. Be aware the waist should look slightly smaller than the shoulders.




Step 3

In the upper part, show your neck in a circular shape. Draw the pectoral muscles as well as the curves of the lower ribs and the abs that lie below.




Step 4

Draw a line on the collarbones, just below the neck. Divide the pectoral muscles using an upward line. Split the abdominal muscle into two pieces using a different line. Sketch the navel.




Step 5

Let’s now give the torso an even more normal shape. In the upper portion draw the trapezius muscles and the deltoids. After that, adjust the torso to match an example drawn by the artists from




Step 6

Then, take an eraser and apply it to erase the guidelines of the torso design. Then, to give your work more authenticity and aesthetics make a sketch using ink or pencil that is darker. In the end, you will get a torso drawing.




Step 7

Then, take your favorite colors and apply them to the body. It is possible to use more natural colors, which are shades of beige or brown or even more unique. For instance, if you want to depict the Hulk’s body, then you’ll need green.




You can clearly see that it’s easy enough to understand how to draw the body. Are the seven easy steps that were described above useful to you? Let us know in the comments section of this article. The team at is extremely curious about your opinions and we will read all of your feedback and will respond to a lot of them.

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