How to Draw A Tornado

A tornado is one the most powerful and destructive forces of nature you will ever see. They have been featured in many stories, movies, and artworks throughout history due to their terrifying reputation.

Even though tornadoes are often seen, drawing them can be difficult.

It can be made easier if you know what to expect. This guide will help!

How to Draw A Tornado Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a tornado. We’ll start by drawing sections of the tornado.

2nd Step:

Now that you have drawn the first part of your tornado drawing, the next step is to add the second section.

3rd Step:

It’s really starting to click now. This guide will show you how to draw a tornado.

4th Step:

Your main tornado drawing is done. We will now make it narrower .

5th Step:

While we will soon add some incredible color to your photo, first let’s get a few details in the fifth step of our guide to drawing a tornado.

6th Step:

Now that you’ve completed your tornado drawing, it’s time to relax and color!

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