How To Draw A Torch Step by Step || OLYMPIC TORCH

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to draw Smaug the Dragon Step by Step

Create a circle as a hand guide. Then trace a single guideline to the torch’s.

Step 2

With the circle you’ve just made, begin drawing the hand that is closed or fist that is clenched, which could be the hand that is that is The Statue of Liberty, holding the torch’s shaft.

Step 3.

Then draw the top of your torch and trace the details. At this point , the torch appears like the top of an ice-cream cone.

Step 4

Then, we’ll use the time to sketch out the roaring flames coming from the torch. Then, we’ll include details on the flames that are burning.

Step 5

You will now draw the remainder of the handle. You will then draw the rest of your hand, and draw the outline of the wrist and forearms and forearm. Eliminate your mistakes then you’re finished.

Step 6

The line art you’ve completed. You can now paint your artwork.

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