In this drawing tutorial, the artists from 3dvkarts will show you how to draw the most commonly used headwear worn in that XIX century. As you will see, this is an instructional video on drawing the top hat.

Step 1 So, let’s start. The first step is to take your preferred pencil and create an easy square with gentle lines.

 Step 2 With very thin lines, we can draw the top hat’s brim. Be aware that the sides should be bent upwards.

Step 3 Then, using gentle and curly lines, create the brim of the hat.

Step 4 Then carefully make the top of the cap, as in our illustration.

Step 5 With the aid of hatching, add shadows to the top of the cap.

In this lesson, we taught the students ways to draw the head hat. We’d like to teach you not just the art of drawing people, but also different styles of clothing from different times. Tell us about other kinds of clothes you’d like to discover in the drawings of 3dvkarts. Also, we would like to remind you that on our pages on social media, you can discover a variety of interesting content, don’t forget to sign up.


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