How To Draw A Top Hat Step by Step -

How To Draw A Top Hat Step by Step

How To Draw A Top Hat Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

For the first step in our tutorial on drawing the top hat, let’s begin with the top part that is the top of the hat. Begin making two lines parallel to one another.

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The lines will be thin, and are intended on the side of the belt which will be wrapped all around your cap. After that, you can extend slightly curving lines from these up towards the sides of your hat.

Then, draw a second curve to cover your hat’s top as illustrated in the image reference.

Then, draw a second straight line beneath the line, but in the opposite direction. this will create an edging.

Step 2: Now draw the outline of the top hat.

Every hat that is good deserves an elongated the brim on its base! We’ll be adding an emoji to your hat design in the next step.

The rim of this car can be difficult to master and is an area in which you might want to closely replicate what we’ve shown in our image reference.

The rim will begin near the waist’s top on the left it will then loop down and will end on the opposite side of the waist.

There is also an extremely rounded point near the middle of the rim.

Step 3: Next you’ll need to take off the belt from the top hat.

We have covered several belts around the hat during this video tutorial on drawing the top hat. Today we’ll begin drawing the hat.

For this begin with our belt buckle. Begin creating a circle. then draw a thin circles that protrude from it to act as the lock pin.

Then, a second rectangle will be drawn within the outer rectangle like the image reference.

Now you’re ready to move to step 4.

Step 4 – Complete the belt and add specifics

After you’ve drawn the buckle of your belt, you can draw all the belt for the waist as part of drawing your hat.

It’s an easy task, considering that you’ve already marked the sides of your belt.

Utilizing those two sides of your belt you can create a few slight curves toward the buckle of the belt.

Then Draw lines on the inside of the hat. This will complete the hat. After that, you’ll be ready for last strokes in the following step.

Step 5: Add the final details to your hat drawing

Now it’s time to add the final specifics to the hat with this fifth step in the drawing the hat step-by-step tutorial.

You’ll also have the option to add details and additional information that you’d like to add, but first, we’ll include these information.

For this, we’ll put an additional line on one side and after that, add lines of different lengths to one side. Then, we will add lines for the brim and the top.

You’re now ready to make your own ideas! Perhaps you can draw the person you believe will wear this fantastic cap.

In what environment can you envision this hat being worn? You should definitely enjoy creating using it!

Step 6 – Complete your top hat design by using some color

We are now in the last step of drawing your hat and in this stage we will give it some color.

Color is an excellent method to tie an image together. In our illustration of reference, we demonstrated a way you could add color to it.

We decided to go with a darker hue for our hats, but regardless, we altered the shades to give us a different shades.

You could also choose an even lighter shade if you’d like, for instance to make it appear like the hat could be belonging to a character such as The Mad Hatter!

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