Hello! Today we’ll draw a toothpaste. As you may know, toothpaste is a must-have item for people who take care of their teeth.

Step 1
Finally, we can learn without the stickman. I (the person who wrote these articles) am very pleased with this. I hope that you do too. Let’s draw a curve that follows the contour of the tube.

Step 2
This is a drawing tutorial in which we will show you the drawing process for a tooth. Now, let’s create an outline that is more realistic. Draw the cap situated at the top, and the line that runs to below the tubing.

Step 3
Then draw additional lines. They should be within the cap. Don’t draw more than one line.

Step 4
Create extremely light shadows. The drawing is done It was not that difficult, did it?

It was a very easy project. We hope you enjoy this one – remember to let us know about your findings in your comments! This helps us so greatly. Goodbye!

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