Welcome to 3dvkarts. Today’s drawing class chose to teach the viewers the art of drawing the outline of a toothbrush.

Step 1
The drawing lesson starts by sketching the basic outline of the brush. Begin by sketching out bristles before drawing an extended handle using thin lines.

Step 2
With clear lines, draw bristles. Draw lines carefully on the side surfaces and lines that intersect on the top of the surface.

Step 3
With clear and long lines, draw the shape of our brush’s handle. The handle we created was a relatively simple design for the handle, however, you can design the handle of any shape.

Step 4
With a simple slicing make the shadows appear and apply some glare to the handle’s surface.

We hope that this tutorial has helped you understand the art of drawing an image of a toothbrush. As we’ve already mentioned that our toothbrush appears basic, and it comes with bristles that are simple in shape and a handle. It is possible to create shapes from your toothbrush design as straightforward as in our example or create designs a bit more complex.

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