Dear readers, we would like to welcome you to our drawing lesson on drawing the tomahawk. The principles in this drawing lesson are like the rules of drawing the battleaxe as we did earlier.
Step 1
First, take the tomahawk and draw its grip. the tomahawk. It could be straight throughout the length or it can taper toward the end.
Step 2
Draw the head of the tomahawk, which includes a blade and bowl that is at the top.
Step 3
Include some information about the head and the grip of our tomahawk.
Step 4
Let’s make the pattern. You can draw patterns like we did in this example or create your own design.
Step 5
By using simple hatching, you can add shadows on the tomahawk, and reflect light onto its blade.

This was a drawing class on drawing the tomahawk step-by-step. If you enjoyed the lesson on drawing, check out this category “EASY DRAWING” to share this lesson with your friends, and follow our social media channels.

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