You will agree with me if I say that the Tiger was one of the most charismatic tanks in World War Two. Today we are sharing a drawing tutorial that focuses on this powerful vehicle.

Remember, in our previous lesson, we showed you how to draw a T-34 Tank which is one of the major enemies of the Tiger Tank. How to Draw a Tiger Tank Scroll down to learn how to draw a Tiger tank!

Step 1
As always, we start with the main lines of the vehicle. We will outline the main contours of the vehicle, including the turret, tracks, and body. This step does not contain smooth elements.


Step 2
Next? Next, add details to the Tiger Tank. The trunk should be drawn with a large barrel. Draw the main tracks’ outline as shown in the drawing below.

Step 3
Once you have the Tiger tank silhouette in place, it is time to get into the details. As always, we start with the upper portion. Draw the required lines on the barrel and attach them to the tower’s body. Draw the access hatch at the top of the tower.

Step 4
Take a look at the tower that is the tank. Although it looks difficult, it’s not. This step will finish drawing the Tiger’s tail. It will be easy.

Circle the barrel using straight lines. Then, delete any extra touches. Draw details on the barrel’s mobile base. Next, draw details on the tower by drawing around the hatch.

Step 5
The outline of the Tiger tank’s front is best drawn. Next, draw the contours for the wings – the protective plates that cover the tank’s chassis (ie a caterpillar).

Step 6
Now circle the gun barrel, spotlights, and other components that make up the front of the tank corps. You must draw them correctly.

Step 7
Circle the Tiger tank’s wings. The straight lines should be drawn vertically across the entire area of the side wings.

Next, draw the tracks with wheels and then fix the tracks’ outlines using smooth lines.

Step 8
Draw the panels for the tracks. Now draw the panels of the tracks. Next, draw details for the wheels. Add shadows to tracks using hatching at the end.

Step 9
Use very light shadows to highlight the Tiger tank’s lower parts, such as the barrel’s bottom, the barrel’s movable base, and the tank body.

You’ll be able to draw the tank with ease if you follow our complicated lessons how do you draw a soldier in the Red Army, draw a samurai, and how do you draw the Mercedes S-Class? To keep up to date with all the latest drawing lessons, subscribe to us on Google Plus, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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