How to Draw a Tiger Roaring Step by Step -

How to Draw a Tiger Roaring Step by Step

How to Draw a Tiger Roaring Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How To Draw A Water Lily Flower Step by Step

Step 1


Make sure you choose your pencils. I used the HB pencil to do shading/sketching The B pencil for shading lines that are dark as well as using the H pencil for feathers as well as light lines.

Step 2

Start by drawing a sketch of the head of the tiger. Follow the steps if you have to

Step 3

Your sketch should look like this.

Step 4

Begin sketching stripes beginning at the forehead.

Step 5

Inline the rest of the stripes on the front.

Step 6

Drawing of teeth as well as “sideburns.”

Step 7

Utilize an HB pencil as well as tissue or a cloth to draw shadows and blends onto the drawing

Step 8

Remove the top of the drawing, including the beard.

Step 9

Begin your work with the eyes. Make use of pencil B to shade those dark lines.

Step 10

Shade in the stripes on the forehead.

Step 11

Shade the feathers with the HB and H pencils. Be sure to draw the direction of feathers.

Step 12

Move on to the next step down. Then, define the nose and wrinkles a little.

Step 13

Make use of using the pencil B to lighten hair’s darker areas, and the HB pencil to shade the lighter areas of hair.

Step 14

Smooth the cheeks and stripes with a keen eye on the beard. Begin by lightly using your HB pencil.

Step 15

Shade the cheeks on both sides. Continue to use pencil B for the stripes. Make use of the letter H draw the outline of the mustaches.

Step 16

Shades in the upper tooth row. Make use of pencil H to shade teeth and gums, while pencil B as well as HB to shade more dark areas.

Step 17

Shade towards the back part of your mouth.

Step 18

Finish the sketch by shading the rest of the background and feathers. Re-shade in the areas you require. I hope that you liked this tutorial. Feedback and questions are always appreciated!

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