how to draw a tiger head

The team at is a fan of cats as small as big, like a Cheetah. We’re here to demonstrate the art of drawing a tiger’s head which is the biggest cat on the planet. In this tutorial, the team at will teach you what you can draw with only a few lines. Although it is simple, however, in the end, you’ll get a highly realistic drawing of a tiger head.


Step 1

The instructions are all regarding drawing animal heads using balls. The guideline about drawing the head of a tiger is no exception.




Step 2

Let’s now show what we see through the eyes of our huge cat. They are like two geometric shapes with almonds that are located above the central point.




Step 3

Then, in the bottom third head of the cat draw the shape of a nose. It appears to be an abstract triangular shape with nostrils in the middle.




Step 4

Let’s now draw the top portion of the mouth of a tiger, like the artists from have done in the picture beneath these words.




Step 5

With a large U-shaped line, draw your lower jaw. Utilizing a different U-shaped line draw the lower edge on the bottom jaw.




Step 6

Then, go back toward the lower jaw and draw the teeth. Notice that the fangs are much bigger than the central teeth.




Step 7

Then, draw a U-shaped line to represent the tongue. Next, you should draw your lower teeth. Be aware that because of the different angles from which they view the lower teeth appear different from the upper teeth.




Step 8

Draw the gums below. Next, you can draw the wrinkles in the eyes, to show that our big cat is unhappy right now.




Step 9

Then, go up to the top of the head and draw the ears as shown in the picture below these words. The ears are slightly missing and make the tiger look more threatening.




Step 10

Let’s now give the drawing of the tiger head a more normal shape. For this, sketch cheeks using ragged lines of hair on both sides.




Step 11

Let’s eliminate secondary lines in your drawing of the tiger’s head by using an eraser. Then, draw everything using dark and clear lines.




Step 12

We can now begin to depict the patterns of the head of the cat. Begin by drawing the forehead. sketching them using lots of quick strokes.




Step 13

Now, let’s draw the designs across the faces of the Tiger. Repeat these lines in the illustration by the artists at




Step 14

If you’ve done everything correctly, and did not make any mistakes in the process, then your tiger-head drawing will appear like this:




Step 15

It’s now the right time to draw the head on the Tiger. Paint the top part of the head orange, while the lower portion is gray or white. Color the eyes green or yellow and the mouth blue and pink or black.




The tutorial on drawing the head of a tiger has ended We hope this guide was helpful to you. We would want you to assist us. Let us know your thoughts as it is crucial for us.

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