How to Draw a TIE Fighter Easy

How to Draw a TIE Fighter Easy

Step one:

The middle part on the TIE Fighter you will draw the shape of a circle as follows. This is also called the interior of the cockpit that the spacecraft.

Step two:

The next step is to draw an eyeball shape to represent the design that will be The TIE Fighter. There should be lines of spidering emanating from the center of the design.

Step three:

In this step, you sketch the wing attachment pylons or the arms the wings will be attached to. Include details to these parts as shown, and then move on to step four.

Step four:

We will draw the initial Octagon-like shape for the TIE Fighter’s wings. This is a disc plate, which is distinctive in its appearance.

Step five:

You can draw the second wings. You can also see it is at an angle different from the left.

Step six:

Finally, draw the sections on the wing, to enhance its details and appearance. Remove any mistakes you have made any, and that’s the end of it.

Step seven:

Here’s the final line art. You can now color the design and present to others Star Wars fans that you like the work you’ve created entirely by yourself.

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