Hello everybody. On our website, there are already an array of drawing lessons on different kinds of storage containers for liquids. We’ve already drawn the shape of a container and a vase and in this lesson, we’ll teach you what to draw in the thermos.

Step 1
First, draw a rectangle with smooth and clear lines. Be aware that this step, our thermos is identical to the initial step of the course on smartphones.

Step 2
The upper corners should be rounded off in the rectangle. The bottom edge should be curved like in our example.

Step 3
Eliminate all lines. Draw transverse lines on the body of the thermos. Draw a circle using clear, dark lines.

Step 4
On the right-hand part of your body, draw out the mounts to fit the handle. It is important to note that thermoses are available without handles and in other forms. We selected this particular design as it is the most commonly used.

Step 5
Draw the handle and line that separates the cover from the body. We’ve drawn a sturdy handle, but you could create a curved handle or curved, such as made of soft plastic or rubber.

Step 6
By hatching, you can add shadows and glare to The body’s exterior. This is how we can give the appearance of a metal surface.

It was a tutorial on drawing an empty vacuum flask step-by-step. Let your friends know about us and follow us on social media.


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