Dear artists, welcome to the drawing lesson on how you can draw the Tesla Model S . This is the most advanced car in the world. This car is quite different from other stylish cars like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. It is the first fully-fledged electric vehicle in the world.

Step 1
When drawing lessons about cars, we first outline the basic contours for our future vehicles. This step requires soft, smooth lines.

Step 2
This step is also very common in all of our lessons about drawing cars. We sketch out the wheel arches using curved lines, and the wheels with ovals.

Step 3
Now it is time to add details. As always, we will begin from the front. First, draw the headlights out and the hood.

Step 4
Make an oval radiator grille and add a logo of Tesla inside. We draw additional radiator grilles a little lower. It is important to note that these are fake radiator grilles.

Step 5
Next, we go higher and draw the roof using a smooth curve line. Next, draw the windows and side mirrors.

Step 6
Continue to draw the trunk. Draw the doors of our Tesla Model C along the car’s bottom edge. Draw the door handles at the end.

Step 7
Draw the wheel arches carefully and the wheels within the arches very carefully. Be sure to be as smooth as you can.

Step 8
This is a very easy step that involves drawing the wheel rims, which can be of any shape and adding shadows using light hatching.

This is the end of our drawing lesson. You can find many interesting lessons in our “cars” category. This and other lessons can be shared and you can subscribe to us on social networks.

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